Workshop Session Topics

Dr. Grennor offers a variety of professional development workshops, from one-hour sessions to one-day workshops on a variety of topics. Workshops are practical, interactive and designed to meet the needs of the teacher! 


Practice Effectively

Workshop: More than Just Minutes: Teaching Band & Orchestra Students to Practice Effectively!

Traditionally, music teachers have required students to record the amount of time a student practices each week on a practice chart, but how many of our students really know how to practice for success? Whether you are struggling with the time honored question of how to get your students to practice –or frustrated when the results of their efforts are less than acceptable -this session will give you some ideas for inspiring students to practice effectively. 


Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets

Workshop: Increasing Student Achievement by Promoting a Growth Mindest

Decades of research has shown that when students have certain key beliefs or “mindsets,” they are more motivated to work hard, they put more effort into their schoolwork, and they show increased academic achievement. This session will explore: what a growth mindset is and why it matters; how to teach a growth mindset; how our language can influence our students' mindsets; and how to engage students in challenging  work by celebrating mistakes!

Mastering Marzano's 9

Workshop: Promoting Student Learning with Engaging Instructional Strategies

A significant body of research has identified 9 instructional strategies that are most likely to improve student achievement across all content areas and grade levels. This workshop will examine  Marzano's 9 research based instructional strategies, and identify the various methods for implementing the strategies in your classroom. 

Danielson’s ToolBox for Arts Educators copy.jpg

Have you struggled with the applicability of the Danielson Framework as a music or fine art educator?

This workshop will provide a toolbox of ideas and real life classroom situations where the Danielson Framework can be effectively utilized to strengthen teaching strategies as it applies to the music and fine arts classroom.