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Jazz is the highest form of American Art music and therefore has a significant place in our music curriculum. While this may be true, some music teachers have never experience jazz in high school or even college. At most colleges, jazz instruction is often limited to performance majors who already have had experience in jazz performance. In this setting, instruction is usually focused on jazz theory and improvisation specific to performance majors. Unfortunately, music educators have not experienced any type of jazz pedagogy as part of their training. Other, music teachers, restricted by short rehearsal time and the need to prepare music for their concert, often must forgo instruction in jazz improvisation.

There is a strong need for more emphasis on jazz improvisation in both the public school and college curriculum. This course has been specifically designed as a means of providing a method for all music educators to be successful in grasping and teaching the fundamentals of jazz improvisation. Additionally, all of the material contained in this course can be accomplished as part of the jazz ensemble rehearsal warm-ups.

Included in this course is a positive, proactive, powerful and proven method to teach jazz improvisation with “NO FEAR!” The material in this course is broken down and presented in an practical manner thus equipping music educators from all levels of experience with the tools necessary to comfortably integrate jazz improvisation into their jazz program.


Dr. Grennor

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