"Your Success Is My Mission!"

Personalized one-to-one instruction is offered to students of all ages and abilities. Lessons are tailored to meet individual needs, desires, and time constraints. A private teacher is able to note areas of struggle and give individual-specific assistance. Levels of lesson intensity at which the lesson is approached are geared to student’s age, talent, goals, and availability of practice time.

Benefits of Private Lessons


Greater Accountability

Unlike a class setting, the private lesson provides no way to escape accountability. While you can discreetly “hide” in a band rehearsal, no such chance exists in a private lesson-either you practiced or you didn’t and it’s quickly apparent which it was! 

One on One Attention

The regular class setting offers little to no individual attention. As such, students who struggle with a concept can easily, though unintentionally, be overlooked. In contrast, a private teacher is able to note areas of struggle and give individual-specific assistance. 

Pursue Individual Interests

In music class, the instructor must teach from a specific curriculum. Repertoire cannot possibility be selected based on everyone’s personal preference, so the music may or may not be a style everyone enjoys. 

"Dr. Grennor initiates each session with warm ups on scales and chord progressions, transitions to classical music studies with etudes, moves into jazz and finishes the lesson with sight reading duets. I particularly look forward to these duets that fill our home with harmonious music every Sunday morning!" Elora Gupta, Ph.D.

Instruction Based on Learning Skills

Each student learns in a different way. Some students are aural, some are visual, and some are hands-on. Private lessons offer individually tailored instruction that helps children achieve the greatest level of success in the least amount of time. 

Opportunities to Perfect Individual Skills

With the one-to-one attention a student receives in a private lesson, he or she is able to focus on developing their individual skills.

“Dr. Grennor's teaching methods emphasize his student's strengths and highlight proper practice techniques to improve music learning. He offers thoughtful critiques and helps to improve solo performance." Elora Gupta, Ph.D.



Lesson Goals

Students will develop and demonstrate an advanced level of musicianship in a variety of musical styles. They will study various scales, perform complex rhythmic patterns in various key signatures and develop an understanding of music theory.

Students participate in:                                                                                                                                                      

  • Weekly lessons (lessons are encouraged over the summer)

  • Classical and Jazz Music Performance

  • Sight Reading Skill Development

  • Improvisation

  • Preparation for Region & All State Concert/Jazz Band Auditions

"Dr. Grennor has strong work ethics. He is very timely, regardless of weather situations, and at the same time is flexible to accommodate the occasional weekend outings." Elora Gupta, Ph.D.