Music Theory Foundations!


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In this class, you will learn the study of the rudiments of music covering notation of pitch, dynamics and articulation. Emphasis will be placed on scales, keys and intervals as well as an introduction to triads and seventh chords; including inversion, chord symbols and figured bass. Elementary keyboard skills will be covered as well as the basic techniques of sight singing. 

Syllabus & Required Course Materials:

  1. Course Syllabus

  2. Music in Theory and Practice, Benward & Saker, 9th edition Volume1 ISBN-13 9781259302299

  3. Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course (Level One); Palmer, Manus & Lethco

  4. 8 ½ X 11” Manuscript Book, Folder for Handouts & Pencil

  5. Headphones with a standard RCA Jack (for the piano lab) 

Course Introduction & Overview

Course Resources