Music Fundamentals!

An introduction to the rudiments of music theory


Many students find music theory to be a very difficult subject!

While, textbook explanations of music are often difficult to grasp, this course focuses on clarifying seemingly difficult concepts. Like anything else, learning the fundamentals of music also requires practice. Often something that seems difficult at first begins to make more sense the more often it is applied. This course provides a method of practice that allows students to easily process and apply the information they have learned in the course.

Are you planning on taking AP Music Theory in High School next year? Would you like to brush-up on important vocabulary and concepts needed to be successful in AP Music Theory?

Have you recently been accepted as a college music major? Are you preparing for the music theory placement exam? Would you like to ensure you don’t get stuck taking a music theory remedial music course for no-credit in College?

This course provides an introduction to the rudiments of music theory. Our goal is to make learning the fundamentals of reading, understanding and writing music -a clear, fun and logical experience. Students will learn about keys, scales, intervals, simple melodies, chords, rhythm and other elements of music.