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Promoting a Growth Mindset in the ARTS

Presented at the Township of Union Board of Education Staff Development Workshop, Union, NJ Union High School, September 5, 2018

How can we help our students become more resilient, engaged learners?

Decades of research has shown that when students have certain key beliefs or “mindsets,” they are more motivated to work hard, they put more effort into their schoolwork, and they show increased achievement in all subject areas. Having a growth mindset has been shown to reliably predict persistence and effort.

  • Growth Mindset: Students believe they can improve their abilities by working hard, learning new strategies, and seeking help when needed.

Growth Mindset Professional Development Workshop

To learn how to implement growth mindset practices with your students, this professional development workshop will explore:

  • Growth Mindset – What it is and Why it Matters

  • How to Teach a Growth Mindset

  • How Our Language Can Influence Students’ Mindsets

  • How to Engage Students in Challenging Work by Celebrating Mistakes

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